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Friday, December 25, 2009


It is very interesting to see how people are zealots in regard to capitalism.  I often wonder if they have a clue just what capitalism is?  Apparently they got all their information from a bunch of slime ball economists.

Capitalism is conflated with free enterprise, which I fully endorse, but is in reality monopoly capitalism.

The platitude espoused is that capitalism thrives on healthy competition.  Excuse me?  Corporations HATE competition.  Competition hurts the bottom line.

There were well over a dozen car manufacturers in America before the Second World War.  Under monopoly capitalism that number was reduced to the Big Three, the companies that kissed the government's ass the most.  That's not healthy competition. That's the consolidation of manufacturing into just a few hands, fueled by government payouts and subsidies. 

Free enterprise is the economic philosophy you should be espousing, not monopoly capitalism.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


You've heard of an "atavistic resurgence." As if. That's both barrels loaded with duds in the middle of a war.

At this point, we need an Atavistic Insurgency, not a mere flurry of folk music and fond memories. You don't sit down and reminisce in the midst of a full-blown plague that stands to wipe out your kith and kin. You find the carriers of the disease, quarantine them, and if they cannot be cured, fire surely will cure them and save the rest of us. As for the disease, since it is a disease of weak minds and weak bodies, carriers stupid enough to buy the alien garbage are the targets.

In Switzerland they recently had a row over banning minarets from Muslim mosques. That's like going after the vomit from a stomach virus, rather than purging the virus itself with medicine. How about deporting the Muslims from Switzerland and giving them a first-class ticket back to Medina or Mecca? Don't fuck around with bullshit. Go after the root cause.

As with anything, clean up your own lair first.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Some would argue that there is a conflict between being a Pan-European and an individualist.  The caricature presented is that if you are a rugged individualist, then YOU MUST be a racial anomie, unattached to any racial ties whatsoever.  If only things were that simple.

Let me educate you.  Whether you like it or not, you are part of a race (I'm excluding octroons, quadroons and the like for efficiency).  Even if these ties are very loose, you either benefit, don't benefit, or are in a static state of affairs.  Now here is where things get very interesting.  Let's say Race B hates your race (Race A) and wants Race A dead, including YOU.  Suddenly you are faced with in-group/out-group conflicts bigger than yourself.  It turns out the world does not revolve around you, and people from Race B don't care about your neutrality (in fact, they see you as even weaker for not realizing  the obvious). 

The multi-racial societies we find ourselves within are not natural.  Races typically dwell apart from one another and have limited interactions.  This is borne out in cognitive neuroscience studies which show that the amygdala goes apeshit when a subject sees the unfamiliar face of a person of another race.  If it were natural for multi-racial societies to exist, then that alarm bell of the brain would not go off.  

Pan-Europeans simply accept the fact that life would be better if we had lands of our own.  The Jews, although they are not a race (they've infiltrated every race and are envious of pure races),understand this organic fact and they stick together for the good of individuals and their group.

As with everything, balance is essential.  You shouldn't write a blank check to someone of your race, they should be judged as an individual.  But you should be smart enough to realize that there exists an in-group/out-group conflict, and this I'm-OK-You're-OK stuff is going to be thrown out the window when the shit jumps off.  

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A depression is defined as "A severe and prolonged recession characterized by inefficient economic productivity, high unemployment and falling price levels."

Take note that talking heads NEVER use the D-word, but rather use the word recession.

Very interesting stuff.

Friday, June 26, 2009


Tom Metzger's house was raided 25 June 2009.

He was not arrested.

More details about this and other coinciding events will be posted as necessary.
Addendum 1: Posted hours 1255.
Attached Washington Times article suggests the feds wish to establish link between the Mahons and OKC attacks.
Addendum 2: Posted hours 1301.
Possibly feds are punishing Metzger for posting Von Brunn's writings on Metzger's Web Page. Von Brunn shot up the D.C. Holocaust Museum on 11 June 2009 (Correction: 10 June 2009 was date of attack on D.C. Holocaust Museum.)
Letter and e-mail campaign being initiated to shut down http://www.resist.com/ per Internet chatter of angry Jews.
Insinuations that Metzger has turned state witness will be spread across Internet forums in an attempt by his enemies to turn his supporters against him. (Author's opinion is that Metzger is not an informer and that this raid was a fishing expedition/show of force of ATF.)
Addendum 3: Posted hours 1315.
More info on the Von Brunn-Metzger connection which probably drew Mr. Metzger special ire from the usual suspects (ADL, SPLC, etc.): http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/06/10/james-w-von-brunn-holocau_n_213864.html
Addendum 4: Posted hours 1323.

This article from the Times-Union states that the ATF is trying to pin a bombing on the Mahon twins and link Metzger: http://www.timesuniononline.com/main.asp?SectionID=2&SubSectionID=224&ArticleID=40990&TM=44676.72

Addendum 5: Posted hours 1330
Addendum 6: Posted hours 1645 (This is slightly dated, but it fits the jigsaw puzzle.)
It is interesting to note that initial reports on MSNBC led us to believe von Brunn was killed during the attack, but accounts later clarified that von Brunn was "shot in the face" and being held in George Washington Hospital (?).
Addendum 7: Posted hours 1725

Von Brunn is 88 years old.
Curious factoids:
Von Brunn used a 22 caliber rifle to attack the Holocaust Museum.

Addendum 8: Posted hours 2048

Lengthy video of Metzger's description of the ATF raid--its significance, scope, etc. 

Monday, May 18, 2009



In an essay I wrote about Charlie Manson a while back I made the analogy of most Americans being zombies, not unlike the ones depicted in the films of George A. Romero. Here, I would like to expand upon that analogy and discuss its implications.

The observations are all drawn from George A. Romero’s films, but please do not assume that George A. Romero condones any of my racial views. His films, I think he would agree, have themes much deeper than the surface material of zombies. For example, in the documentary Document of the Dead, Romero states that Dawn of the Dead addresses the mindless consumerism of Americans, and that the film was not randomly set in shopping mall. I am addressing the tactics and realities his characters face in dealing with zombies, as I think that the current state of affairs, in relation to racial issues, provides many parallels and hard lessons. If any of these parallels and lessons seem blatantly obvious to you, keep in mind that some people might not have thought of this yet, and that you, the ideal reader, are not the sole audience I intend to reach.

You are completely and totally outnumbered. Let’s just say, for the sake of illustration, that the population of the world, as of 5-18-09, was clocked at 6,780,677,396. Out of that 6,780,677,396 there are barely a handful of living (read: non-zombie) people. The majority of that 6,780,677,396 are living dead within cities. You have to stay away from the cities, unless you need supplies, etc. Otherwise, going to the cities is an exercise in madness, a suicide mission. Lesson # 1 provides a segue for Lesson #2….

Since the cities are too dangerous for you, go where you have a fighting chance. What do I mean? You will be sniffed out for your racial views and eaten alive in the cities. That’s all that is. Do not subject yourself to that sort of danger. In LAND OF THE DEAD, they end up actualizing a recurring dream of Romero characters: escape to the Great White North, i.e., Canada. This leads us to Lesson # 3……

That’s right. You will never escape the zombies. You can only minimize the numbers you have to encounter. You find that you are a drifter, always on the move. The realities of the situation demonstrate that the living are of vital significance only if they have valuable skills and knowledge. Which leads us to Lesson # 4…..

Human capital is a term that sort of turns my stomach, much like the saying, “The children are our most valuable resource.” But the term serves my purpose if you take the precaution to not infer that I view people as commodities, as that IS THE ZOMBIE MINDSET! That said, the films of Romero always show us that there is a natural stratification of people, and that the ones who can fly helicopters, shoot a gun, drive a big garbage truck, make firebombs, etc. are far more valuable than the living characters who have few skills and cower in the corner while everyone else is fighting to preserve their lives against the zombies.

[There will be more lessons added as I think of them and re-watch the Romero movies.]