Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Some would argue that there is a conflict between being a Pan-European and an individualist.  The caricature presented is that if you are a rugged individualist, then YOU MUST be a racial anomie, unattached to any racial ties whatsoever.  If only things were that simple.

Let me educate you.  Whether you like it or not, you are part of a race (I'm excluding octroons, quadroons and the like for efficiency).  Even if these ties are very loose, you either benefit, don't benefit, or are in a static state of affairs.  Now here is where things get very interesting.  Let's say Race B hates your race (Race A) and wants Race A dead, including YOU.  Suddenly you are faced with in-group/out-group conflicts bigger than yourself.  It turns out the world does not revolve around you, and people from Race B don't care about your neutrality (in fact, they see you as even weaker for not realizing  the obvious). 

The multi-racial societies we find ourselves within are not natural.  Races typically dwell apart from one another and have limited interactions.  This is borne out in cognitive neuroscience studies which show that the amygdala goes apeshit when a subject sees the unfamiliar face of a person of another race.  If it were natural for multi-racial societies to exist, then that alarm bell of the brain would not go off.  

Pan-Europeans simply accept the fact that life would be better if we had lands of our own.  The Jews, although they are not a race (they've infiltrated every race and are envious of pure races),understand this organic fact and they stick together for the good of individuals and their group.

As with everything, balance is essential.  You shouldn't write a blank check to someone of your race, they should be judged as an individual.  But you should be smart enough to realize that there exists an in-group/out-group conflict, and this I'm-OK-You're-OK stuff is going to be thrown out the window when the shit jumps off.  


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