Friday, June 26, 2009


Tom Metzger's house was raided 25 June 2009.

He was not arrested.

More details about this and other coinciding events will be posted as necessary.
Addendum 1: Posted hours 1255.
Attached Washington Times article suggests the feds wish to establish link between the Mahons and OKC attacks.
Addendum 2: Posted hours 1301.
Possibly feds are punishing Metzger for posting Von Brunn's writings on Metzger's Web Page. Von Brunn shot up the D.C. Holocaust Museum on 11 June 2009 (Correction: 10 June 2009 was date of attack on D.C. Holocaust Museum.)
Letter and e-mail campaign being initiated to shut down per Internet chatter of angry Jews.
Insinuations that Metzger has turned state witness will be spread across Internet forums in an attempt by his enemies to turn his supporters against him. (Author's opinion is that Metzger is not an informer and that this raid was a fishing expedition/show of force of ATF.)
Addendum 3: Posted hours 1315.
More info on the Von Brunn-Metzger connection which probably drew Mr. Metzger special ire from the usual suspects (ADL, SPLC, etc.):
Addendum 4: Posted hours 1323.

This article from the Times-Union states that the ATF is trying to pin a bombing on the Mahon twins and link Metzger:

Addendum 5: Posted hours 1330
Addendum 6: Posted hours 1645 (This is slightly dated, but it fits the jigsaw puzzle.)
It is interesting to note that initial reports on MSNBC led us to believe von Brunn was killed during the attack, but accounts later clarified that von Brunn was "shot in the face" and being held in George Washington Hospital (?).
Addendum 7: Posted hours 1725

Von Brunn is 88 years old.
Curious factoids:
Von Brunn used a 22 caliber rifle to attack the Holocaust Museum.

Addendum 8: Posted hours 2048

Lengthy video of Metzger's description of the ATF raid--its significance, scope, etc.