Friday, December 25, 2009


It is very interesting to see how people are zealots in regard to capitalism.  I often wonder if they have a clue just what capitalism is?  Apparently they got all their information from a bunch of slime ball economists.

Capitalism is conflated with free enterprise, which I fully endorse, but is in reality monopoly capitalism.

The platitude espoused is that capitalism thrives on healthy competition.  Excuse me?  Corporations HATE competition.  Competition hurts the bottom line.

There were well over a dozen car manufacturers in America before the Second World War.  Under monopoly capitalism that number was reduced to the Big Three, the companies that kissed the government's ass the most.  That's not healthy competition. That's the consolidation of manufacturing into just a few hands, fueled by government payouts and subsidies. 

Free enterprise is the economic philosophy you should be espousing, not monopoly capitalism.


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