Thursday, June 12, 2008


Ideology stifles all evolution--whether it be personal or national. On a national level, it can trickle down and stifle the life a person. Therefore, a person can only be insulated from the outside world to a certain degree.

Benito Mussolini said, "The sanctity of an -ism is not in the -ism; it has no sanctity beyond its power to do, to work, to succeed in practice. It may have succeeded yesterday and fail to-morrow. Failed yesterday and succeed to-morrow. The machine first of all must run!" The various cults in America, besotted with a plethora of -isms, never stop to question the functionality or efficacy of a set of principles.

Reality is the brutal gardener of bad ideas. However, some ideas are deeply rooted and require much more effort to kill. Like weeds, some ideas are more insidious than others. As in nature, alien species, like the snakehead fish, can have more disastrous consequences when introduced into a new environment. An example is the meme Israel Zangwill spread: namely, that you can throw races and cultures from all over the globe into a big Melting Pot, mix them around, and produce a homogeneous, stable citizenry. Whether time and experience has proven this idea TOTALLY wrong is irrelevant, because it has become enshrined, and those who attack it are un-American heretics. Originally, "melting" was merely a means for foreigners to become accepted within the Unites States and better function in society. It was beneficial to the foreigner, but Americans were merely on the receiving end of an applied psychology gimmick.

The trade-off for foreigners who "melted" was that they lost their native culture over generations but gained the benefits of living in the land of milk and honey we call the United States of America. Some foreigners actually bought into the idea of the Melting Pot and never looked back: They forsook their native culture and language, while many foreigners merely behaved as chameleons, changing their color when necessary.

The Third World invasion from Mexico is not nearly as sophisticated as the invasion of Eastern European Jews of which Zangwill was a part. Violently assertive of its culture, and indignant about past conflicts, the Third World invasion from Mexico is merely a war of the womb. Largely Catholic, the dwindling white population of America is going to be outnumbered like a couple of lone survivors in a George A. Romero flick.

Idiotic ideas like the Melting Pot are treated like scientific laws, and all evidence that the ideas are dead wrong are shouted down by sophists using red herrings, such as "racism," "hate speech," "chauvinism" and so forth. The political system of America is one of those lofty -isms we are supposed to hold sacred despite all evidence that something has gone terribly wrong, and the "machine" might be about to blow us all up!

But the impartial observer must ask, How could a viable system have been utterly manipulated by a small minority with transparent schemes and overtaken by a dimwitted Mexican hoard?

Sunday, June 1, 2008


With Buchanan's new book out, I thought I would dig up some old school thought of the same vein--albeit better, more Black Collar, as JFC Fuller knew a thing or two about a thing or two.

An image from Volume 3 of The Military History of the Western World:

An image from Volume 3 of The Military History of the Western World:

An image from Volume 3 of The Military History of the Western World:

An image from Volume 3 of The Military History of the Western World:

An image from Volume 3 of The Military History of the Western World: