Wednesday, December 23, 2009


You've heard of an "atavistic resurgence." As if. That's both barrels loaded with duds in the middle of a war.

At this point, we need an Atavistic Insurgency, not a mere flurry of folk music and fond memories. You don't sit down and reminisce in the midst of a full-blown plague that stands to wipe out your kith and kin. You find the carriers of the disease, quarantine them, and if they cannot be cured, fire surely will cure them and save the rest of us. As for the disease, since it is a disease of weak minds and weak bodies, carriers stupid enough to buy the alien garbage are the targets.

In Switzerland they recently had a row over banning minarets from Muslim mosques. That's like going after the vomit from a stomach virus, rather than purging the virus itself with medicine. How about deporting the Muslims from Switzerland and giving them a first-class ticket back to Medina or Mecca? Don't fuck around with bullshit. Go after the root cause.

As with anything, clean up your own lair first.


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