Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The amount of taxpayer money being expropriated of late is simply amazing. So far the score from the heist looks like this:

  • Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Bailout $200-300 billion
  • Wall Street Bailout $700 billion
  • AIG bailout $112 billion
  • Bear Stearns Bailout $29 billion
  • CitiGroup Bailout $20 billion liquidity injection and $306 billion backstop of toxic assets

APPROXIMATE TOTAL $1.5 Trillion (If it is more than that, or my math is wrong, please feel free to correct me.)

The fact that all of these organizations are essentially parasitic money-lenders should have Americans revolting in the streets. A strong-willed, sane people would be extremely ticked off about such a monumental rip-off and actually DO SOMETHING.

The best is that Washington twiddled its thumbs when the Big Three asked for a $25 billion bridge loan (mere pocket change) and sent Ford, GM and Chrysler packing to Detroit.

The moral of the story is that slimy corporate fucks who deal in paper run this country (into the ground) and they OWN all three branches of government. When they snap their fingers, their sock puppet stooges do their bidding.

But when automakers that actually PRODUCE GOODS need a bridge loan, the answer of Washington is a resounding "FUCK YOU, BUDDY!"

Pat Buchanan said it best, "Is the Republican Party so fanatic in its ideology that, rather than sin against a commandment of Milton Friedman, it is willing to see America written forever out of this fantastic market, let millions of jobs vanish and write off the industrial Midwest?"

The answer is: "Yes." The Cult of the Free Market and Democracy ("the political weapon of Money") are fruit from the same poisonous tree.

If you haven't figured out the score yet, "we're" introducing democracy to the Middle East so that the same slimy fucks can BUY IT TOO.

Get with the fucking program.


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