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After Western civilization collapses in a race war, Charles Manson will be remembered as the canary in the coal mine. As Sandy Good said, in an A Current Affair hatchet job, "Devil's Disciple," with journalist Steve Dunleavy, "We knew our backs were against the wall, and we had the balls, we had the balls and the heart to work for change." Further, "In revolution, there's going to be death. It's inevitable." Few understand that in the scheme of things the death of Sharon Tate et al meant, and still means, absolutely nothing. Nor does the imprisonment of Charles Manson. The thought he thought cannot be unthought. It is still reverberating in the public forum.

One has to have some historical perspective to understand that what has been dubbed "The Family" was an organic response to the Hippie movement, which was the equivalent of a party on the deck of the Titanic as it crashes on the proverbial ice berg. As Charles Manson said in an interview with an even scummier journalist, Geraldo Rivera, "I don't care about no society. The public's a bunch of assholes." Hack journalists have used all manner of "evil" archetypes to vilify the messenger of the zeitgeist.

But let's get some perspective here, people. This is a fella who has little more aspirations than to have a motorcycle (perhaps a dune buggy or two), a stable of whores and a guitar. When asked about his aspirations of being a musician, Charlie told one interviewer:

"[The music business was] a bigger jail than I just got out of. I don't want to take my time going to work. I got a motorcycle and a sleeping bag and ten or fifteen girls. What the hell do I want to go off and go to work for?"

Charlie's comments were made in response to Bugliosi's multi-faceted theory about Manson's plan for world domination, which includes a juicy sub-plot about Terry Melcher spurning Charlie's music and thus Charlie. Who we believe is irrelevant, but the sore spot Hollywood still has over this whole sordid series of events is a story in and of itself. One of the major purveyors of mindless bullshit, explicitly designed to devalue and decimate the interests of whites, Hollywood, has always had a peculiarly strong hatred for Charlie. One might say Hollywood is afraid of Charlie: "Hollywood's been afraid since it began. Hollywood knows Hollywood. Anyone that knows the garbage cans in the alley understands Hollywood." It must have hit a nerve that Charlie was rubbing elbows with the likes of Brian Wilson and saw their existence for what it was.

The nobodies were on to something the somebodies wouldn't have the foresight to worry about on their best days: a race war was coming; society had become a joke; human survival was tied to the earth, not the other way around; and the real prison was the 9-5 "lives" Romero-like zombies were living 24/7, with a few holidays thrown in for a safety release valve.

All demographic estimates predict that whites will be a minority in America by 2050. Whites with any sense of self-preservation would have lauded the beginning of a revolution, but instead the revolution fell on deaf ears when it was televised to mindless zombies.

Effectively, we live in a George A. Romero movie, and no-one has gotten the joke in any of the movies Romero made. It's not about the zombies. Americans are the zombies!

And in a world like that, Charlie calls a spade a spade:

"The brotherhood of the gun rules the world. I don’t give a fuck about votes or getting elected into being a politician. And I don’t give a fuck about playing no wise holy man. All I want is order. I want order in the perspective of the numbers. And if you give me order in the numbers, fuck the personality of it. I don’t care about the personality of it. Get with the program or be destroyed. That’s all that is.”

A man can still dream that an effective war against zombie-ism will be waged. We are literally dying for order!

In fact, I have a dream that we will shoot the next MLK and John Lennon in the fucking head, but this time there won't be as much hand wringing bullshit.


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