Monday, May 19, 2008


January, 20, 2009, president elect, Barack Obama, was assassinated by a lone gunman. A work of art, the marksmanship of the shooter ironically used the Mozambique Drill. Obama's brains splattered all over Chief Justice John Roberts, and the look on his face was priceless. No dry cleaner on the planet could clean that up.

Soon thereafter to no avail, the media, unlike its usual self, tried not to exacerbate the situation. Major U.S. cities erupted into race-based riots, the likes of which had never been seen. As usual, blacks burned their own neighborhoods first and practiced useless random acts of violence. Scared white liberals who once believed in gun control quietly whimpered like spaniels.

Woe was revisited upon Los Angeles to such an extreme that the 1992 riots were fondly remembered, and death tolls were unimaginably high.

The difference between this set of race riots and those of the past is telling, as intrepid individuals deliberately fueled these riots, perpetuating the anarchy and creating a power vacuum. Rather than letting the riots run their own course, they were directed.

Since government is a protection-obedience racket, without security, taxpayers had little incentive to pledge obedience. And citizens looked to the next Tony Soprano-like entity capable of providing order. Only it wasn’t in the cards for Americans to be bailed out so quickly. There were tough lessons to learn, and stern teachers stood to gain if weak students were winnowed.

In this case, the persons behind the assassination of Obama and the exacerbation of the riots had every intention of letting Americans stew in their own juices. These events did not come out of thin air. These events were the answer to a long period of time in which the countenance of America had become un-recognizable and downright ugly.

White collar and blue collar workers were thrown down in the muck together and had to decide whether they stood for anything more than mindless consumerism. To their chagrin, most of them didn’t and were either summarily shot or, worse, starved to death in the streets of concrete jungles entirely overrun by blacks and other non-whites.

Unable to repel the outbreak of anarchy, the U.S. military, long aware of the social problems which led to this catastrophe, splintered along racial lines. White southerners led the way and took their expertise and military equipment with them. On to better things, Caesarism became the norm, and citizens no longer told military men what to do. Military men told them what to do.

Major southern cities, like Birmingham, Alabama, once proud centers of white rule, were recaptured and the blacks were routed. The ports of Mobile and New Orleans were turned into deportation centers and blacks who surrendered were set adrift for their native Africa.

The border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were guarded by the Marines, and mine fields were set.

...and then I woke up from my dream.


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