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Despite what you might think of him, the first time I heard the term “black collar” was in a Marilyn Manson song, “Use Your Fist and Not Your Mouth.”* Thus began a curiosity with the term, which I originally associated with Fascist “blackshirts.”**

Wik-tionary defines “black collar” thusly: “Of or pertaining to employment in the black market; that is, to engagement[sic] in illicit trade or distribution of untaxed goods and services.”

So, let me make it perfectly clear that I am using “black collar” in a different sense:

I oppose all illegal activities, as it is STUPID to break the law and impair one’s ability to function within society.

I do not use “black collar” in a Tony Soprano connotation, but in a sense applicable to those in the early 20th century who violently opposed the disease of liberalism and briefly returned Europe to a respectable stature only to see things go horribly awry. (In a sense, I'm nostalgic about the past and an alternate future that was aborted.)

I hope this post will keep black market folk from thinking, “Finally, a manifesto about selling stolen cigarettes.” Because, when I use “black collar,” I mean the guys who string up black marketers and throw them all in a common grave. And the only liberal actions of such black collar fellows will be the sprinkling of lime they put over the criminals’ dead bodies.

*(See song lyrics here:

**(See Wiki entry:


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