Monday, May 5, 2008


An excerpt from Michael Haneke's film, The Seventh Continent.

While I do not advocate destroying oneself, Haneke's not-so-subtle attack on the emptiness of modern life does command attention...and they went about it systematically.

Predictably, the scene of the family's life savings being flushed down the toilet enraged audiences more so than the family electing to kill themselves, along with their young daughter who lacks the capacity to make such a profound decision. The reaction of audiences to the money scene is empirical evidence of the quantity-dominated worldview thinkers such as Evola and Spengler wrote against:

Also, the fact that numerous audiences reacted the same way shows that Haneke was correct that the setting of The Seventh Continent was, and is, irrelvant, as life has become empty in all modern nations.


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