Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I'm a street addict, and Meredith Whitney has the good shit.

Behold Meredith Whitney:

Double-entry booking comes to mind when I think of this blonde beauty. She rose from virtual obscurity and now has the CEOs of financial institutions trembling in awe of her ability to examine the entrails of their financial statements and make dire, yet accurate, predictions about a company's future. A veritable witch's brew wafted around her 31 October 2007 report on Citigroup (C). Some have said that she is the Oracle of Wall Street. Some CEOs are probably having nightmares of her flying around on a broom.

She has class. She doesn't call CEOs who cannot comprehend their own books liars, but rather errs on the safe side that they are just dullards.

In the economic storm of the century, look for Whitney to herald in a Black October.

Some videos of Whitney:


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