Monday, April 28, 2008

The Black Collar Manifesto

You have heard of blue collar and white collar. Well, what about someone of the mind that humans are just another animal; non-human animals are more often than not better than humans; all people are not equal, nor should they be treated equally; the best justice is an eye for an eye; public education is a miserable failure; mass graves are the most efficient way to dispose of the masses; politics is activity in relation to power, not two pencil-necked corporate fucks arguing over a task schedule at Wally World....

These, and many other themes, will be discussed in THE BLACK COLLAR MANIFESTO.

Posts will be submitted here weekly with rough ideas for chapters, tips on using funnels to make one's enemy drink castor oil, etc. You know, the things that make your friendly Fascist next door want to get up every morning and press his best black shirt in anticipation of things to come....


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